Below is the full list of 2018 Categories. Once you have read through the requirements and outlines head to the REGISTER page and let us know which categories you’d like to be considered in!


Diversity and Inclusion Icon of the Year

This award will seek to reward any Diversity & Inclusion person who has changed the culture towards diversity in their workplace to help both their colleagues and customers prosper at work.

Straight Ally Award
A straight ally is a heterosexual or cisgender person who has went the extra mile to champion diversity. This award will go to someone who has challenged homophobia, biphobia and transphobia and has been a loyal friend to the LGBT+ community.
Charity of the Year
We will welcome both national and local charities as nominees in this category. Their work can be geared to support several groups or a particular cause within the broader call for greater diversity.
Role Model of the Year ( L, G, B, T, +)
This award will seek to reward an individual or group who has truly gone the extra mile in the name of diversity in Scotland and has been a true role model to the Scottish LGBT+ community. This can be an individual volunteer, a support group or a community association.
Volunteer of the Year
This award will go to someone who has volunteered for a LGBT+ cause or organisation and that they have gone that extra mile for the community.
Drag Artist of the Year

The Icon awards for the first time is having a Drag Queen or King category and invite the cream of Scottish talent to be nominated and voted for by their adoring fan base and the top nominees will be invited to the glittering awards night where one will take the top prize of Drag Artist of the year so we invite everyone to nominate and vote for your Scottish Drag Icon of 2018

Uniformed Icon of the Year

Army, Navy, RAF, Police, NHS, Fire Brigade – Who do you think has gone the extra mile to support and help break down barriers within our uniformed professions?

Event of the Year
From arts festivals to educational conferences, and everything in-between! What events in the last 12 months have supported and promoted LGBT+ & diversity in Scotland?
Youth Icon of the Year
This award will seek to reward an individual youth under 23 years of age who has gone that extra mile and has been a true role model to the Scottish youth LGBT+ community.
Venue of the Year
This award will go to the venue that you believe has most welcomed and supported LGBT+ & diversity in Scotland, whether it be a bar, restaurant, club or community hall.
Wedding Industry Business of the Year
This award is for any business within the Scottish wedding industry that strives to create a perfect wedding for all regardless of sexuality, gender, ethnicity, disability, age, race or religion. Nominees can be venues, services or products.
Employer of the year (less than 50 people)
The finalists for this category will come from any small-medium businesses with headquarters based in Scotland. They will be progressive supporters of LGBT+ in the workforce as well as addressing the needs of all their employees.
Employer of the year (more than 50 people)
This category is open to all large businesses with more than 50 employees across Scotland. Finalists for this category will be supporters of LGBT+, pioneers in championing diversity and equality, with dedicated structures set to support their diverse workforce
Media Coverage/Campaign of the Year
Nominees for this award can come from across several sectors of Scottish media, be it an individual journalist’s efforts, media outlet’s committed coverage of LGBT+ issues, a dedicated marketing campaign or a media portrayal that has had a positive effect on encouraging diversity in Scotland.
Entertainer of the Year
Awarded to someone in the entertainment industry who actively supports and champions LGBT+ & diversity. Whether it be a pop superstar or wedding singer, all are eligible.
Community Spirit of the Year
This award will go to someone who has inspired the LGBT+ community with the enthusiasm within the community that they have gone that extra mile for the community.
Political/Policy Person of the Year
Finalists for this category can come from across the political spectrum in Scotland. From activists, campaigners, supporting policies to elected officials and politicians.
Cultural/Arts Icon of the Year
This award recognizes an individual or group that has shown the LGBT+ community respect through arts and culture.
The ICON Award
The prestigious Icon Award goes to an individual who encapsulates everything we stand for – celebrating diversity and equality and working tirelessly as a great ambassador for the LGBT+ community rights. This award will be awarded to an individual by our Board & Judges and is not open to public voting.